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Cottage 308C (Pictures)

This is our small cottage with space for 2-4 persons.

When we took over Nickarve this house was empty and used only occasionally by the builder's daughter and son for overnight stays.

By sheer coincidence, we asked the owner to use it when we rented out our house for turists and we needed somewhere to sleep sometimes. It was accepted and then after one year we bought it. For ten years we became our own visitors and thought we had a wonderful summer resort. To made it more comfortable, there came a shower and a toilet in the simplest form. The relaxable stay made it difficult to move back when summer was over.

After the rebuilding of his house it became 30 square meters and completely different inside. It grew westward and made way for a new bathroom and kitchen. In the kitchen, came a stove, and the bathroom became - washing machine.

In 2011, we made also available internet in the house and thus ability to make international television.

GPS Ínfo

is our address. cottage you find 100 m westwards.

This cottage is equipped with:

Forest Land and in front of the door also limestone grill. terrace facing south with table and four chairs.

Hygiene Space includes: 

Shower, WC, W / C water, washing machine. Vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment.

Parking at the cottage.

Postal available.

No smoking indoors.

Private, controlled water.

The kitchen has a stove, oven, extractor fan, microwave. Fridge and freezer, coffee maker and ironer.

Of course, crockery and cutlery for 4 people.

The living room has TV with access to free channels. Plus internet-based TV.

There are DVD players and a limited number of DVDs.

BBQ and garden furniture. In one of the bedrooms is furnished with two bunk beds 2 * 0.8 m and the second - a double bed.

Cot available on request at no additional cost.

You can also rent sheets if you want to reduce your luggage (75 SEK)

As in all our cabins you sort your waste up to 100%!

Dogs and cats are welcome!

Nickarve Gård, Adress: Hejdeby Nickarve 308, 621 76 Visby
Telefon: 0498-26 15 05 , Mobil: 0768-46 15 05, 
E-post: fbserv@gotlandica.se

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