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Solen går ner i havet

It is time for Booking for your Gotland visit!

We wish you a happy holiday!

Take advantage of early booking:

Booking now give you a wider range of choice !

Prices are depentent of how many persons are in your group.

Planning for your holiday is funny . Gotland is the place of choice.

you can visit us the year around. All season has there advantages. 

Now the list of gueste contains people from all of Europe and Australia as well as America and Asia.

We offer you to pay with your card when you have recieved your invoice.

convenient and easy. Click on Pypal and it is almost done.

Succes of the year!

During 2012 we tried to make it possble for you to select day of arrival and departure.

It worked very well so we continue to use the same system.

Booking schedule available on each cottage side. Request in cooperation with "Xotelia". Bookings can be made today. The sooner you book the more you can choose.

After request you get your indivdual pricing.

Now you can also pay your bill through Paypal to our account. Just click "Pay Now" when you have got your bill. If you prefere Booking.com, you are welcome. You will get a bill and can chose how you want to pay it. 

Nickarve från luften
Stora stugan från söder

The Large 308 B

Framsidan av Eremitstugan

The Eremite 308 D

Front till Lillstugan

The small  308 C

Valhalla 306

Our cottages are located in Hejdeby, 10 km east of Visby, all on their own ground and secluded location in the sense that they are not adjacent to each other or any neighbours, You can feel  private.

Do you need space for many individuals and get in early, you can have 22-25 beds in all of the houses.

To let us know which house you would like to rent, please use our code when communicating about rental options. We have both names and numbers on them.

Bookning system:

Our booking system is as simple as possible You order the desired week / days and we send an invoice to your email address.

Once you have paid 25% of the invoice amount, we accept that we have a booking.

The remaining amount is to be paid to our account no later than 10 days before arrival to the cottage.

Cots available on request at no additional cost. Only you need to make a reservation. For bed cloths you should also book in advance.

Now you can also rent sheets from us!

For 100 SEK You will get a set of sheetsinluding towel, a cheap way to lighten your luggage. 

Cancellation of booking can be protected  for 400: - in compensation.

Cleaning issued by us if it suits you better, cost 950 SEK

One of your advantages with us is that you have separate space , free internet access and can bring your pets in all cottages.

Also you are close to every target on the island.

To do on Gotland:

Book your ticket: Chose air or boat






Destinatin Gotland

Changeover day is every day for all of our homes since 2012!

In all our cabins you sort your waste up to 100%!

You find us by: 


308B 80 m north and 308C 80m west

and 308C 120 m northeast from us.

By Google earth we searchable at:

Hejdeby Nickarve 308 or 306, Visby

Nickarve Gård, Adress: Hejdeby Nickarve 308, 621 76 Visby
Telefon: 0498-26 15 05 , Mobil: 0768-46 15 05, 
E-post: fbserv@gotlandica.se

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